Patient Appointments

Here are some of the advantages when you are under care of Dr.

  • Dr. Riaz will be your voice and fight with you
  • Dr. Riaz will create a personalized treatment plan customized
    to your unique situation
  • Dr. Riaz will empower you with the knowledge and facts you
    need to make best decisions for yourself
  • If medically needed Dr. Riaz will coordinate your care with
    other doctors by discussing your case with other doctors and at the
    Tumor board conference
  • Dr. Riaz will help you find the clinical trials when needed
  • You can also obtain an unbiased second opinion from Dr. Riaz
    for your peace of mind.

Dr. Riaz’s team is comprised of nurses, nurse practitioners, social
workers, financial counselors, patient navigators, & a research team
all working together towards one goal, to improve your health and
well being.



You can initiate a referral either by yourself or through your primary care physician.


Jehanzeb Riaz, MD
2408 E 81st Street, Suite 110
Tulsa, OK 74137
Call/Text: 918-871-3712
Fax: 918-871-3713


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